Orb arrives on the playa!

The orb has arrived on the playa, and thanks to our kind friends at Geek Week, we can blog live during our testing.

Geekweek Arrival

Here, Beth and Tzara from the Geek Week camp examine the orb as it meets the playa surface for the first time!


We tested, and it rolls wonderfully on the playa surface! We tested Zigbee out to 500 feet with signal to spare, and we’ve got copious GPS data to crunch later. A successful test run, and we’ve still got time to screw around and experiment…


3 Responses to “Orb arrives on the playa!”

  1. Matthew says:


  2. Tally says:

    This is “Greek” to me but I’m glad you’re havin fun.
    Love, Tal

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