Playing on the Playa

Well, after a long weekend of late nights at the shop, Mike, Ray, Niladri and I made it to the playa on the Fourth with orb in tow. Big thanks to everyone who helped us get there, and to the folks at Geek Week who let us mooch off their wifi and shade structure. (As there were record high temperatures even for the desert, the latter was likely more than a metaphorical lifesaver.) In any case, we found and fixed several problems, got in some roll-testing and data-logging, and generally had a baking good time.
More pictures and pontifications to come, but here’s a video to start with. We were really happy how smooth things were rolling. Considering the challenging environment and the last-minute addition of the “bucket handle” radome, I don’t think this qualifies as anything less than a total success. So we raise a hot can of triple-digit Tecate to everyone! Woot!

3 Responses to “Playing on the Playa”

  1. Karen says:

    This is the coolest thing ever. You guys rock! I can’t wait to see the whole herd. One question – who was playing the banjo accompaniment?

  2. Jonathan says:

    Thanks Karen! The music came from a nearby sound system as best I could tell, though I can’t rule out random hillbillies or the playa chicken.

  3. Suicide Bots says:

    […] repair (featuring a heatsink fortuitously found kicking around on the floor of Rotormobile) the Orb did some fine fine rolling. And we met some cool folks out there as […]

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