More Playa Pics

It was too hot to think, let alone point a camera straight, but I did get a few pictures:

The crew on the playaThe playa crew

Geek week camp on the playaGeek Week camp Note 40-ft tower for the microwave link to Gerlach

Breakfast on the PlayaBreakfast for everyone!

A Desert HackerHacking on the playa. Note specialized desert hacking gear: extra monitor, spent pyro, box of whippits (likely spent as well), sunglasses, insulated coffee mug.

Danger Ranger’s mobile wifi truck with orbDanger Ranger’s mobile wifi rig, plus orb.

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  1. Suicide Bots says:

    […] fortuitously found on the floor of the Rotormobile) the Orb did some fine fine rolling. And we met some cool folks out there as […]

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