Sexy Spherical Stickers

The very cool folks at printed up our most recent sticker design. They look fantastic! Thank you Stickergiant!

New SWARM Stickers

New SWARM Stickers

They even blogged about our project, :-)

The next time you see a menacing orbular robot bearing down on your position, ask us for a sticker! It will show your (hopefully!) undying support for our new robotic overlords.

2 Responses to “Sexy Spherical Stickers”

  1. Suicide Bots says:

    […] you’re at it, express your appreciation for your future spherical overlords by displaying their stickers, writing them fanmail and helping out by bringing them burritos and Co-Cola in their hour of […]

  2. Stickers says:

    Those are some cool looking stickers.

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