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More Playa Pics

It was too hot to think, let alone point a camera straight, but I did get a few pictures:

The crew on the playaThe playa crew

Geek week camp on the playaGeek Week camp Note 40-ft tower for the microwave link to Gerlach

Breakfast on the PlayaBreakfast for everyone!

A Desert HackerHacking on the playa. Note specialized desert hacking gear: extra monitor, spent pyro, box of whippits (likely spent as well), sunglasses, insulated coffee mug.

Danger Ranger’s mobile wifi truck with orbDanger Ranger’s mobile wifi rig, plus orb.

GPS Orb Tracks On The Playa

orb-track-on-playa-1.jpgThe group on the playa sent back some GPS telemetry off of the prototype orb. Matt converted the data to KML format. Here are the first GPS tracks of our prototype orb on the playa!

Torb-track-on-playa-2.jpghe lines are 3 GPS tracks. The image is from an image Google Earth took during Burning Man last year. Groovey! (here’s the original .kml files)

Party mit der SWARMerei

OK, so it’s not exactly our party, but as dedicated camp followers of the Flaming Lotus Girls we are going to crash theirs.

Details at the Squid List: Flaming Lotus Girls Mellow Toga Party.

Yes, it’s a Toga Party. Yes, you are expected to wear a toga. Come and mingle with the SWARMers and Loti. Wearing togas.

I have a reasonable suspicion that there may be alcohol involved.

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